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POP! The Game

If you are looking for an APP to make ALL of your dreams come true this is probably it. Most people will likely find their soulmate, become insanely rich, and achieve near to full enlightenment by using the extreme kernel popping skills that this game will undoubtedly bestow upon you .

After mastering the first few levels show your friends and family your EXTREME popping skills…They will most likely praise you for being the person they always knew you could be. You will finally achieve the admiration and respect of your peers that you have been longing for.

Show your boss how to play and you will probably be promoted to CAO – Chief Awesomeness Officer.

Still in school? Show this game to your teachers and instantly gain their respect. WARNING they will most likely forget about their lesson plan and ask you to teach a class on Kernel Popping Awesomeness!

While results may vary, tons of kernel popping action and ENDLESS FUN awaits you inside of this glorious game.

Download now, or most likely live in sorrow for the rest of eternity.

This version contains ads, if you don’t want ads buy the other version that is $0.99

Time Attack, Puzzle Modes, and many easter eggs coming soon!




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Press Release


Play this game, save a life

POP! A new mobile game available on iPhone and Android is splitting its profits with local charities. The first month’s profits will be shared with the Social Tees Animal Rescue.

August 12, 2014

New York, NY – The makers of POP! The Kernel’s Quest a new mobile game available on iOS and Android,have announced today that they will be donating half of their profits from POP! to local food banks and animal shelters. The first month’s recipient will be the Social Tees Animal Rescue, a not-for-profit, strictly no-kill 501c3 organization that takes abandoned animals from kill shelters and provides them with a safe haven and veterinary care until they are placed in proper homes.

“With top 10 games in the iOS and Android app stores making tens of thousand dollars a day, it makes sense to use these games as a vehicle to raise money for charities. I think people will appreciate that they are not just playing a great game but also giving to a good cause.” said Samuel Gherman, POP!’s creator.

POP! is available on iOS and Android in both paid and free versions. Both profits from ads and paid downloads will with be split with local charities. Each month a new charity will be chosen to receive half of POP!’s profits.

About Pop!

Pop! is a cleverly addicting strategy game created by independent app developer Samuel Gherman. The goal of POP! is to pop the corn kernels that you create while collecting upgrades and completing challenges. Multiplayer, puzzle, and time attack modes are coming in later releases.

Social Tees Animal Rescue


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