The following Apps have been created by Samuel Gherman of Cube MG.


The Ultimate Major System Trainer

This app helps its user remember a list of 110 words of the user’s choice. This app is meant to aid in the learning of two Mnemonic systems called the Major System and the Peg System. These systems are used by memory athletes to absorb and retain large amounts of information extremely fast.

Available on iOS and Android

Click here for the official website



Pop! The Kernel’s Quest

If you are looking for a game to make ALL of your dreams come true this is probably it. Most people will likely find their soulmate, become insanely rich, and achieve near to full enlightenment by using the extreme kernel popping skills that this game will undoubtedly bestow upon you.

Available on iOS and Android

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.34.09 PM

The Ultimate Trainer Series

Built specifically for magicians looking to memorize a particular stack. If you aren’t a magician you will probably not know what this…

Available on iOS, Android, and Kindle

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