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The Cube itself is an ideology forged at the intersection of art, illusion, and technology. We produce websites, make apps, and consult companies on how to create ultra efficient workflows.


We specialize in automating workflows, rapid prototyping of web and mobile tools, and quick fixes to stop inefficiency and overtime in its tracks. If your business is being slowed to halt by failing systems or expensive IT projects that won’t be done for years, we offer quick inexpensive interim solutions that work with, around, or over your existing systems. Almost anything that a human does repeatedly we can automate. We guarantee to maximize your employee’s output to raise your profits. We also only get paid if we save you money! Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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The biggest drain on your wallet as well as office morale is having your employees do repetitive mindless work. Instead, we’ll build automation tools to do it for them!

Quick Fixes

That new $5 million IT project isn’t going live for another 3 years? Have us build your team a quick fix in a fraction of the time and price.


Is it people, process, or culture that is putting the kinks in your pipeline? We’ll analyze your workflow and bring your employees up to maximum efficiency.

What are people saying?

  • My experience with CubeMG has been nothing short of positive. I came to them with a kind of complicated problem that was going to require a completely bespoke web solution. We needed a way to have students be notified in an unobtrusive way when their bus had arrived at dismissal time. The school’s previous method was to use the PA system, which interrupted meetings and was a general distraction for nearly an hour each day.

    After a few emails about what I was looking for, in less than 10 hours, they turned around a working prototype that I was able to use live, and work out any cases that I may have not anticipated. After we workshopped a few more features that would work best for the web application, CubeMG delivered a fully functional final product in less than a week.

    The application has been running smoothly for nearly 2 years now, and has improved the school’s morale and efficiency. For a task that used to take around an hour, we can now safely dismiss nearly all 200 students in the building in approximately 20 minutes.

    The entire process from request to delivery was seamless. The staff were incredibly responsive and proactive in handling any issues that had arised. I consistently felt that they were prioritizing my requests and valued my vision for what the final product needed to be. I couldn’t recommend CubeMG any faster to anyone needing any kind of web design assistance or guidance.
    Dan ErhardtTechnology Educator

Featured iOS & Android Apps…

Do you need a mobile app built for your business at an affordable price? We specialize in a variety of creation methods and coding languages to build the app the best fits your needs in a surprising quick amount to time. Check out some of our chart topping and industry leading featured apps…

Ultimate Stack Trainer

This series has been recognized by the magic industry as the best learning tool for learning a new stack.

iOS & Android

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